Morning Glory

Morning Glory
08h35 Wednesday
13, October
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  1. Mpumelelo

    yum!!! I love this.
    Companionship yeah?


  2. Mario

    @mpumelelo, I prefer to call it downtime, with other students. I am a big coffee fan and am currently studying in the Netherlands and I finally found myself a proper coffee shop which has proper coffee so I have found myself another place to chill.

  3. Uno

    Is that cheese cake? Ooooh I love cheese cake... and with good coffee... pure bliss...

  4. Mpumelelo

    Thats cool. I'm not a fan but i love me some cheesecake. :)

  5. Mario

    @Uno it is cheese cake but its not the traditional one I like, it was very vanila chocolatey, its also didnt have the normal base, its base was made of meusli and some berries.

  6. Jeff Rikhotso

    Mhhhhh, cozy.

  7. Mpumelelo

    hmmmm damn. I need me some, right now.

  8. Diaan

    I'm hungry for just this now.

  9. Daz

    Yiss ... lunch-time now ... ...

  10. seilatsatsi

    what a combination
    dope shot

  11. Matt

    I'm very jealous. I found the most awesome little spot in Sweden. I'll never find it again. It haunts my dreams :)

    Thanks Hot Arna :)

  12. Nappy Head

    Hey. I was worried when first saw this. It seemed as though you were living in dire conditions. I didn't want to say anything. Glad to know it's just a snack at a coffee spot.

  13. NguJaz

    i like the feeling of this

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