Remember what I told ya I'm a soldier*

Remember what I told ya I'm a soldier*

*Diamond District - I mean business

Ntatemoholo Gerard Makhaya

  1. lebogang nkoane

    Are you retracing family? remembering family?

    I some how think this could be a good theme to have.

  2. NguJaz


  3. Kunta Kinte

    Word @ LN

  4. Makhaya

    @lebogang - Always remembering/tracing. This time to celebrate. Yes, this would be a great theme.

  5. lwazi hlophe

    When I look at the images that you have been posting, I am reminded that photography has been with me for a very long time, in-fact I found it here.I remeber not changing our "sunday" clothes hoping that the "camera man" will come around to take a snap. great reminder and great way to tell your history.More.

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