Hamba Kahle Dr. Dorothy Height, Hamba Kahle GURU

Hamba Kahle Dr. Dorothy Height, Hamba Kahle GURU

...you have to be yourself authentically.  I don't want to be anything but an African-American.  That's who I am.  And when I talk to you about the issue, I have to talk to you as an African-American.  It's not that I'm only interested in African-Americans, but I have to tell you about my life experience as an African-American.  It's not a matter of colour, it's a life experience.  I think it's very difficult for people with a different life experience not to try fit me into their pattern, the way they think.  They see everything from the way they are.  That's why you never hear me say: "regardless of race, creed and colour".  I want to be considered with full regard for my race, my creed and my colour.*

*Dr. Dorothy Height

04h37 Wednesday
21, April
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  1. Palapala

    What you wrote I agree with you.
    Beautiful photography and writing

  2. Khumbelo

    cool shot

  3. NguJaz


  4. Buchu

    Peace, GURU and D.Height,
    A very insightful quote, totally agree with her.

  5. æ


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