carbon copy 1: Letebele **

carbon copy 1: Letebele **

One night when all were asleep in the village of boys, Mohlomi also asleep, had a dream; he beheld the top of their hut open. Then arrived a bird like an eagle, it took him, put him on top of its wings and flew with him, until it put him on top of some small mountain. On top of this mountain he found a lot of people who had long died...Then after some time one of the men stood up and said:

Mntanami, you should not be afraid because here where you are is a place of your ancestors.*

*A dream of the Great Mohlomi (c. 1720-1815), Chief of the Koena clan, doctor, diviner and mentor of the Great Moshoeshoe

**E qalile KwaZulu...Ukugwane a tsoala Mukwane; Mukwane a tsoala Vuyizane;  Vuyizane a tsoala Matongolwane; a Matongolwane a holela Lesotho, a tsoala Gerata; Gerata a tsoala Aselina;  Aselina a tsoala nna. Shombela Deke, Mangcingcingci Nyawonkulu.

Photo by my dearest Malome Tumelo


08h55 Sunday
18, April
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    this idea -- of carbon copies has been following me this year

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