I put my name on the ceilin' above*

I put my name on the ceilin' above*

*It's my house - Diana Ross

  1. Kunta Kinte

    Awesome shot

  2. MothMan

    very cool + love the title

  3. yizzi25

    daaaaamn, Makhaya,
    how did you capture this?

  4. Mduduzi

    Amazing hmmm, wonder how *scratchin head

  5. Uno

    2 x puzzled: I've read the tag but still don't know how you made this image, is your true identity Spiderman?
    What is a QSS-32_33? Is that the Noritsu Koki minilab or camera?

    It's a great image...

  6. Khumbelo


  7. Greer

    this is very cool

  8. Stefanie Jason

    This is my favourite space! thank you for capturing it

  9. caprisel


  10. NguJaz

    great shot

  11. GameBoY

    WHoa. this is the money shot *Cha ching* very dope

  12. Nappy Head

    lovely. composed well. i like how it leads us somewhere, but it's not the focal point that captures us. It's the 'journey' our eyes undertake in reaching the centre that's most interesting. It's almost easy to render this a loose interpretation of pseudo-philosophies that place importance on the journey rather than the destination.

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