in all her splendour, sweetly surrendering*

in all her splendour, sweetly surrendering*

*almaz - randy crawford

05h27 Thursday
11, February
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  • NIKON D40X
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  1. Palapala

    Yes, that is true.
    Amazing picture.
    When I looked at the photograph what I thought was on offer to the spirits of ancestors that usually occurs before the ceremonies.
    The white background showed me that was the death of this bird in the snow.
    What makes interesting in the photo is the change of being travel with the image

  2. Juxtapose

    wow, makhaya, i love this photo, amazing, amazing

  3. Greer

    Great great work + precisely how I feel right now.

  4. caprisel
    the subject matters are the same , only in this one you only see the shoe print. dopeR shot.

  5. Khumbelo


  6. Native Soul

    WHERE ! in the north are u ?
    looks cold ---

    but the stark reality of this images is reassuring,
    let death be your advisor ---

    much thanks.

  7. Morolong

    Dead end!

  8. Stefanie Jason

    beautiful image- great colour and composition! wow

  9. Greer

    just had to come back, give more love and take another look. LOVE this.

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