far from the world you know*

far from the world you know*

*there's music in the air - letta mbulu

06h20 Tuesday
09, February
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snow dc
  • NIKON D40X
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  1. Sam Buk

    no ways, this is too much. what a visual treat! i have thoughts of another planet from this image (Mercury maybe). the star spangled banner is planted on yet another "first" brought to you live from NASA by the world's most powerful nation.

    er, back to work

  2. Juxtapose

    i like this, the image of the flag makes look like it's drenched in oil, or at least immersed in it, maybe some small irony there

  3. Uno

    Makhaya, we're so fortunate to have you back... this is excelent, yours and palapala's photo today have shown two masters at work with completely different ways of portraying this world and how artists like you two teach and push the rest of us in 75 to become better. Thank you.

  4. MothMan

    ...fantastic image Makhaya. I (we) really appreciate the subtle expression of meaning and feeling in your work.

    "The eye of a master will do more work than both his hands” Benjamin.Franklin
    (don't think he directly meant photography but the universal truth applies)


  5. Khumbelo


  6. Sukum'ukhanye


  7. Palapala

    I enjoy your photo.
    It seems to me a can of oleo.The texture and colors are perfect.
    Great image

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