can it be that it was all so simple then

  1. twiggle stix


  2. George Gladwin Matsheke


  3. æ

    can it be that you're a flamenco dancer too???

    indeed it was all so simple...


    (looks like the shadow is standing up)

  4. noidSyStems


  5. lebogang nkoane

    Fantastic --- I love this style of photography --- well in fact I think amma jack this technique/style --- you don't mind ja?

    re-animation of inanimate objects -- I call it.

    I think, here we have a thousand words.


  6. NguJaz

    it was all so simple
    and it can all be so simple

  7. loymad

    Brilliant!!! Too nice!!!

  8. Khumbelo


  9. rudzani

    Ah, Makhaya! You beauty!

  10. Bafana


  11. Makhaya

    thank u all. lebogang-steal away. stole it meself.

  12. changingtibet

    lol, fantastic subject matter, lighting.

  13. onelove

    Love, this it's like a painting.

  14. Liezle Lynch

    Very grainy, very nice, i like alot!

  15. Fluxd

    Epic shot of ballet shoes!!!

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