Akgali Manana

Akgali Manana

my mother's not too fond of this photograph. i took it on a whim as we were walking out to see what had happened after we heard gun fire down the block. she just looked so calm and fearless (and she is) at such an intense moment.

  1. rudzani

    When was this taken? I like it.

  2. Makhaya

    thank you. 1999.

  3. rudzani

    Did you scan this from a negative? Do you shoot black and white film often? By the way, you don't seem to sleep. Which time zone are you at?:-)

  4. Makhaya

    sorry, it was in 2000! i shot this on a very old kodak camera i bought for R90, using b&w film (i used to use b&w film often but not as much nowadays). i scanned the pic--the added grainy texture is because this pic has been with me everywhere (its almost ruined-had to save it). im going to sleep, i promise--its only 9pm where i am.

  5. æ

    I like it too...

    Mam'ezala! lol

  6. George Gladwin Matsheke

    as LD would say - "word to moms"

  7. NguJaz

    i don't know ante e: was there an exchange of livestock we all didn't here about?

  8. NguJaz

    mamas tend to have this existential calmness.

  9. changingtibet


  10. æ

    @ ngujaz: you should be more sensitive since there's stock in our midst*

  11. onelove

    Wow this is beautiful!

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