Internal Flight

Internal Flight

Recession, recession, recession... I refuse to have the media make me scared again... It's only money... it's only money... it's only money...

11h57 Thursday
15, January
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  1. Stefanie Jason
    this is such a feel good photo! wow
  2. ntsasa
    How stunning!
    Beautiful stretch of land. remind's me of some really funny Xhosa jokes.
  3. seilatsatsi
    @ ntsasa - such as
    dope pic beautiful colours
  4. ntsasa
    Yhu seilatsatsi,
    I'm not trying to get a beat down from Xhosa 75ers.
  5. loymad
    ^^^Za ndi hamba e-green grass, nda bhayithwa si'snake, sathi jump ndathi skip...

    Ha ha ha... not funny (if you Xhosa's your home language)
  6. zee
    request to ban tribalism from 75 forums??
  7. ntsasa
    @loymad & seila
    More like how skilled the farmworkers are at stealing sheep at night:
    They make it stand on it's hind legs, dress in in a coat and hat, and walk with it, a man on either side.
    When ubaas sees them walking away, pulls out his revolver and shout "wie's daar?" The two men holding up the sheep shout back "hayi baas, uShorty unxilile!"

    When they get home, they have a big feast, then sprinkle water on all the kids. Then they ask them:
    "uBaas xa enibuza ukuba nigqibele nini ukutya igusha nizawuthini?"
    And the kids respond "nga la'mini kwa kunetha imvula!"
  8. loymad
    ^^^ ha ha ha... I say it's our differences are the best thing about us... let's celebrate them, tease them, expose them...
  9. lebogang nkoane
  10. lebogang nkoane
    @loymad: haven't heard that 'jump/skip' joke in years --- weird how it is known by ai'body.

  11. seilatsatsi
    lol @ ntsasa n loymad
  12. NguJaz
    i can't imagine keeping a special gusha-stealing outfit.
  13. Khumbelo
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