Where'd All The Good People Go?

Where'd All The Good People Go?
11h34 Friday
09, January
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  • FinePix S8100fd
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  1. Stefanie Jason
    trippy! great shot loymad
  2. ntsasa
    looks like the party's over
  3. noidSyStems
  4. Khumbelo
    damn. cool shot bra.
  5. lwazi hlophe
    Where is this?
  6. NguJaz
  7. sweetoof

    stunning loy. the smidges of untraceable light in some areas, the excess of it in others, that warm orange window on the right, almost precisely above the jarring red of the ghostly stop sign . love this for all these reasons and more importantly, your eye for seeing the absurd beauty in it.

  8. onelove

    Love this, gives me such a strange feeling...Great!

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