Simple Times

Simple Times

I miss my childhood... I'd trade in my freedom and independance for the carefree, wide-eyed and always fascinated life of children. Days when your biggest worry was what game to play next.

10h30 Thursday
11, December
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  1. twiggle stix
    Cute, where was this?
    How did you get tis sort of lighting?
  2. lwazi hlophe
    sentimental memories
  3. Khumbelo
    beautiful shot.
    yeah, i know the feeling.. sometimes kids can be so carefree, do things without thinking, ask questions without thinking.. fascinating..

  4. yizzi25
    i love this photograph -- well time, well executed!
  5. Ovidius Nkoane
    Dude like what's the name of this play?
    Some of us would like to check it out. namean?
  6. NguJaz
    wonderful worlds are created by a crew
  7. Bareng Rakuba
    cool timing and well snapd
  8. lebo luke warm
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