If We Stop Playing, Are We Still Human?

If We Stop Playing, Are We Still Human?

Creatives will save the world...

12h27 Thursday
04, December
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  1. ntsasa
    ohmygah!! this is sooooo......
    is this really a photograph and where did u take the picture...
    its unreal?!
  2. Kunta Kinte
    Too good to be true!!
    ohh my gosh...
    agree with u Kunta Kinte it is really too good to be true...

    Where is this place and where was the sun and where is the person who waz playing with dat doll... No 4 real loymad where wz dis taken?
  3. Morolong
    Iyo banna, this is surreal.Nice 1, where oh where?
  4. sizzla_slang the kingrat
    do you know what it looks like?:

    a metaphor for that innocent space in a young girls heart, before ventured into the world of relationships, i.e. that dark forest in the background...
  5. seilatsatsi
    surreal indeed. its beautiful
  6. lebogang nkoane
    little red/pink ridding hood.
  7. Stefanie Jason
    amazing! amazing!
  8. loymad
    lawfully speaking, the fact that I've posted this pic and the ones to follow could have me end up on the streets...

    but all will be revealed in good time
  9. lebogang nkoane
    ps: you are right, Creatives will save the world, but they will never own it, the 'others' will own it after it has been saved, and we will once again be called to duty to save it again.

    vicious circle of 'freedom' (of expression?)
  10. Makhaya
    number one. i have no words loymad. no words. ima just keep looking at it all day. unbelievable. lebogang: thats ill. true.
  11. pea
    i have different feelings bout this shot, like it has that haunted horror flik feel to it but in the same breath it looks so damn purrty!
    it also reminds me of that sade song think it was called "by your side"
  12. loymad
    True, Lebogang... sad... but true...
  13. Ovidius Nkoane
    Who designed this set?
    it's pretty sick.
  14. Khumbelo
    sick indeed...
  15. Bafana
  16. twiggle stix
    Whow, this shot is hot, the studio is well put together!
    Can't wait to see the rest!
    @Lebogang, so true!
    @Pea, i cosign!
  17. lwazi hlophe
    i had to come back to this shot i did not even see the tittle of it ........................... dude you ........ you have changed the world if i said

    "fuck" please dont take it the wrong way im at awe and yes you have saved the world i want to buy this images please let me know how much i will save up for it if need be

  18. Bareng Rakuba

    *clicks lil heart.
  19. Bareng Rakuba
    *claps hands for loy.

  20. Bareng Rakuba
    This pic kills me.
  21. Mokokoma Mokhonoana
  22. George Gladwin Matsheke
    Illest Images
  23. Ovidius Nkoane
    Hello Loymad. Now that the advert has been aired, are you going to give us (me) ["give-us-free"] some of those details?

    Who designed the set?
  24. loymad
    The 1st A.D was Craig Brorson from Pulse.
    DOP - Paul Gilpin Art dept. art director was Leon Morland and Props Master was Andre Fourie.

    It was an amazing team all round... everytime someone was briefed on the ad they added more to it... the basic idea/story may be mine but what you see as an end product is real team work.

    Wish every job was like this... even client was a pleasure.
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