After Darkness, Light

After Darkness, Light

Just listening to the radio this morning at the many brand's aids campaign, I realized that people are missing the biggest cause of the spread of HIV...



We're too busy saying abstain but if history tells us anything the "Abstainance Campaign" hasn't worked since before Jesus' times.


Education is key... it might not stop people from having sex but it gives them the opportunity to make an educated decision... that's why it's a poor person's disease.


Education is the light.



12h50 Monday
01, December
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  1. Khumbelo
  2. sizzla_slang the kingrat
    i can imagine the day when a normal looking yet intelligent man on foot gets more attention (from pretty young girls, of course) in the getto than a guy in a german automibile.
  3. Makhaya
  4. lwazi hlophe
    you can't teach a man anything , help him realize it.inhis or her way
  5. ntsasa
    *red light district
    Loymad, i think ignorance goes all the way to the rich folk too, hence people who think they are not at risk because they only hook up with people from their own moneyed circles. The only difference is that they have the finance to live on medication and good food for the rest of their lives.
    As soon as people start accepting that they are at risk, then behaviours can change.
  6. seilatsatsi
    dope pic
  7. yizzi25
    Yes Sir!
    education is the key!
  8. Bareng Rakuba
    A cool capture.
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