White Chicks

09h32 Tuesday
16, October
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  1. lebogang nkoane

    The shallow end is safer.

    But, you can't dive into the shallow end, it's going to end in tears.


  2. changingtibet

    the lighting looks great, and so does the composition.

  3. NguJaz

    Beautiful graph. Her hair - perfection. What was the context? Is this a random shot? Or an actual shoot?

  4. loymad

    This was a one of those lucky ones... I was on shoot... this was a party seen. She just stood in the right light and looked to her side at the right time.

    The more I shoot the luckier I get I guess (cliched as it may sound, I'm not a pro just a happy-snapper)

  5. lebogang nkoane

    err, Loymad,,, i understand some uploading prob's, did you sort 'em out?

    See I moved the server literally over-night... and I think a setting limited the size of your photograph to 2megs instead of the usual 4 megs...

    Try it again... and send me mail if it does not work-out, and I can try figure out what a'gwan!

  6. Nhlanhla Ndlovu

    lebogang - *d.i.p san!

  7. Stefanie Jason

    mmm...this is really pretty!


    Reminds me of a sketch by Chris Rock about Black guys and White girls, need to try and find that on youtooob

  8. seilatsatsi


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