I finally found a bag — it is not perfect, but, it appears the creative industry is sexist. Bags 'meant' for men are fucking ugly and women have really fantastically designed bags for them.

But, I like it — photography will be explored.

Also, I don't want a bag for camera equipment. My camera is not  equipment, it is a instrument I use to tell stories, just like a pencil and paper.

1ove, move/meant.

12h31 Wednesday
27, August
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  • Canon EOS 1200D
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  1. Khumbelo

    i spot a new toy ;) nice.

  2. lebogang nkoane


    Bought it on a whim. I didn't even do pre-purchase research; The one thing I am happy about is, that it is almost half the weight of the D400.

    Now, to decide what to do with the D400. I think I will refurbish it, and hand it down to my niece when she turns 3 or 4.

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