For the record: all these (a. — e.) photographs were captured by Precious Kofi

They probably represent the last time you will see me with this hair. Everytime I cut my hair, it marks a drastic change in my life — the 4th June is the day I move to Cape Town permanently.

1ove, rebirth.

09h58 Friday
21, May
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  1. rudzani

    Welcome in anticipation!!

  2. Uno

    Oh man, you such a poser... should we expect a mohawk on the 4th?

  3. Sukum'ukhanye

    Ekapa in winter tjo! Bt I love cpt

  4. lebogang nkoane

    lol! I was deep in 2¢ philosophical thoughts.

    *no mohawk — just short hair.

  5. Buchu

    "To be or not to be."

  6. ntsasa

    Please do a mohawk, you'll fit right in here. *you can do many things here that people scoff at in JHB!

  7. lebogang nkoane


    I don't want a mohawk — I like keeping my hair simple (read: uncombed).

  8. pea

    Ntate Nkoane, looking like a wiseman

  9. Makhaya

    love that you connect simple to uncombed. very true. uncombed has been given the wrong image. great pic. well done to the photographer.

  10. NguJaz

    i'm down with uncombed

  11. shizeeda

    so now its time for a new haircut? ;)

  12. lebogang nkoane


  13. mokete*


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