( when all is lost )

( when all is lost )


Everybody is connected together. The sun, the moon and the stars, they affect each other. The tides the animals and all. Human beings are connected too.  Whatever effect happens

… little minute things. A hundred years, a thousand years from now will affect you.  We all connected together. So, what I'm trying to say in essence is we have to learn to live together, we have to learn to love each other, trust each other, work with each other, and this is the only way [we] going to rise above all this little stuff thats going on underneath here."

© Freeland, Wink & Middleton: Rise Above.

1ove, connects.

09h12 Friday
12, February
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  1. Khumbelo


  2. Makhaya

    very cool. words are very correct.

  3. Uno

    Is there some light shining through these dark days?

  4. lebogang nkoane

    … well if you checked your mail, you'll know — :)

    I am cape/town bound in a few weeks.


  5. NguJaz

    rise above!

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