( no man is an island )

( no man is an island )


.dnim sih tsol reven sah taht dias reveohw…

.ytinasni (si) ,evo1

16h21 Thursday
11, February
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  1. Sam Buk

    mind boggling (in both cases)

    dankie :)

  2. lebogang nkoane


  3. Khumbelo

    for a moment there i was like what language is that?
    enjoyed figuring it out.

    love the shot.


  4. Uno

    … eno rehtona pu ekam ot redro ni dnim ruoy esool attog uoy semitemos ebyaM

    "Shark infested water

    Message in a bottle

    No man is an island

    Individual Visual MC

    me? I love life"


    (Lol @ elloH...)

  5. lebogang nkoane

    true — how long does it take to get another one?

    LOL @ elloH (correcting it)

  6. Sam Buk

    anti pop...

  7. Native Soul

    i love this ----
    on first glance i see huge
    gun barrels, the bullets exposed and setting its aim

    the shape also flips my head --
    been making paints with wood panels cutt in this shape.
    nice ness

    Oh , I am listening to
    Gil Scott-Heron his latest album
    after a long time, check my blog
    the entire album is there to listen to

    tis gonna be a good listen.
    the link

    I´m New Here .........

  8. lebogang nkoane


    *ta for the heads up —

  9. Greer

    I'm confused in good way.

  10. The Graduate

    touchdown! poetry. love the colours. damn it's lyrical...

  11. NguJaz

    ... or so they say -- but I can't help but revel in the solitude myself

  12. Makhaya

    outstanding. heavy heavy heavy.

  13. Stefanie Jason

    hmmm great work.

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