(it) pours

(it) pours


it has been an interesting week --- I have a crush on a girl.

1ove, nomad.

12h09 Saturday
14, November
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  1. Bareng Rakuba

    Miss home, miss 75, but will be goin back home soon.

    Cool cut Lebogang.

  2. lwazi hlophe

    this image looks like it is new york on the thumbnail.straight to the heart.

  3. Khumbelo


  4. Sam Buk

    if it wasn't for the cars you would've fooled me into thinking this was taken way back in the days.

  5. Oh1one

    This is a special shot for real. Kind of reminded me of Sin City.

  6. ericacamille

    nice shot, good contrast.

  7. Max Mogale

    This is a dope shot. Makes me feel like standing right in the middle of that road and getting soaked. I love the rain

  8. MothMan

    gonna check this pic out in 20 years - very time capsule!

  9. æ

    pourous - - - ;-)

  10. Kunta Kinte


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