Anticipation 1/2

Anticipation 1/2


not particularly sure if this falls under: reflection, but being that Daz said, what he said: I had to plug something somewhere --- (the journal system is broken, and I am way knee deep in new code that I can't touch anything old).

Being humbled, is a strange sensation (or state of being) --- almost nirvana, I think.

1ove, respect.

17h29 Wednesday
19, August
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  1. Khumbelo


  2. Nanometa

    were u a part of the slauthering ?

  3. caprisel


  4. twiggle stix


  5. lebogang nkoane

    @nanometa --- nah --- I don't like eating what I have killed.

  6. Makhaya

    my goodness...

  7. Android Veliskas

    neither do I Lebo..... meat that is freshly "slaughtered" for what ever reason has a funny taste. My gran calls it the "FRESH" taste, and i always walk awy from her with an "ewe" look...All i can say is that meat that doest come in a plastic bag, frozen with an expiary date is a NO NO for me...

    i wanted to title this pic "under the naatjie tree"
    you raised alot of bad memories..

    cool takings there!!

  8. lebogang nkoane

    ... ke setlare sa ditsuru.


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