...then suddenly.

...then suddenly.


I am now, officially on leave (barring a deadline looming for Monday).  With, enjoy these next three weeks, be inspired.  Remember the best resolution is to make none.

I am going to spend the next three weeks learning how to 'compose' my photography better.

Until then.

1ove, 2008+1

09h10 Friday
19, December
  • love 04
  • switch zoom in/out
  • Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL
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  1. Bareng Rakuba
  2. Ovidius Nkoane
    Dang mang! That is spectec! Enjoy your holiday. You deserve it no?
  3. seilatsatsi
    a heavenly shot!!
  4. ntsasa
    amazing curtain fall.
    have a restful one and lotsa energy for '09.
  5. twiggle stix
    Enjoy the holidays!
    Get ready for Two thousand and Shine!
    Dope take LN
  6. Morolong
  7. lwazi hlophe
    sometimes all we have to do is admire pictures and not comment.

    This is that one time.
  8. Khumbelo
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