Err, I had posted a picture --- which was quite on point for the 'red' theme --- but I dont know --- the subjects (read: people) in it where not consulted 'bout it their 'sexual activities being documented online' -- and I have no way of making contact with them.

I just couldn't violate that 'privacy' --- I suppose I am not a photographer, huh, (as in a visual documentor of life/existence) --- at the same I'd hate for my 'privacy' to be violated, just because the photograph is awesome.

1ove, red.

17h52 Monday
01, December
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  1. Makhaya
    ok im lost now. are we to assume that a pic posted up of a person today, has something to do with their sexual activities? even if nothing is said by the photographer?

    awesome pic.
  2. lebogang nkoane
    NO! I am merely explaining that the photograph, I had posted (which I replaced with this one) had two people doing ish.

    I am only explaining why I had to take it off, not explaining anything else.
  3. Makhaya
    ok. i was getting worried because the topic is discussed elsewhere regarding posting portraits today. shap. not lost anymore.
  4. ntsasa
    I like the flowers. Being a photographer doesn't mean u do it at the expense of ur beliefs.
  5. Bareng Rakuba
  6. heartwarmer
    I wanna see the sexed up pic.
    You are alloweed to share it mos, as long as its not publicised. I are not public.
    icekwintjy@yahoo.com - the people must share
  7. heartwarmer
    okay, okay - nevermind
  8. noidSyStems
    sweet redD
  9. Khumbelo

    i love this shot.
  10. lwazi hlophe
    this has become about a picture that we have not seen and not the one we are viewing currently.
    Beautifull pic lebo ...................as for the pic that we cant see its fine, i our minds want to see what we already know.
  11. yizzi25
    Lol, lol,lol,
  12. seilatsatsi
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