Grand mama's hands*

Grand mama's hands*

Party(with)People is still, the dopest, illest, thing one can spend hard-slaved-for-cash.  I think, amma put it my monthly budget.

Oh, I had a moment of clarity --- alcohol, beautiful thing.

*Bill Withers

1ove, of my life.

17h47 Sunday
27, July
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  1. rudzani

    You will be surprised how I have often thought of that song when I was photographing grandma's hands when she was still around. Great shot. ....Eh by the way...., lebogang, you wrote alcohol and clarity on the same sentence...

  2. lebogang nkoane

    Yep, I love the song --- I actually used it as a sample on the only full length track I've made.

    about Alcohol, well, at some point when you are getting drunk or have been drunk, the normal thought processes cease to exist, and you see the world as it is, not as one interprets it. This moment is normally followed by a complete-drunk state.

    A beautiful moment, I tell you, except the side-effects I'm still feeling.

  3. Bareng Rakuba

    Hates that (side effects)

    Likes that (photograph)

  4. seilatsatsi


  5. NguJaz

    a girl's gotta groom. no matter what the age. i knew a two-year old that used to repeat the mantra "a girl's got to look good".
    I was stumped!
    But beautiful shot.

  6. NguJaz

    Member when family grooming was a weekly event? In the townships of the 80's?
    When little girls had the dandruff scrapped off of their sculps in the front stoop? And ko next door, those little girls were having their hair plaited?
    *i'm not glamourising the hood -- but when you didn't know it was hood; it was good.

  7. twiggle stix

    Lovey shot, the colour has made this Pic golden, Dope!

  8. Khumbelo



  9. Stefanie Jason

    this pic is still haunting my memory (>?)

    PP! you gotta budget for those pricey drinks...
    beer damn near cost R20 (ouch)- thats Blaxploitation!


  10. Di1

    Beautiful pic!!
    NS, its between R50-R70 for a beer in a club, and bout R80 for a 20 pack of smokes in london!

  11. pea

    this picture is real! i like

  12. malindi

    mmm i like

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