Flow in(to) thought

Flow in(to) thought

This be Solomon (in the foreground), I wonder if he would be keen on 75, kapa jwang noidSystem Inc(orporated).

But then again, quite a number of professional photo(grapher)s I've asked to come join in all responded by asking: 'How much am I going to get paid?'

I thought love was all we needed, naive me.


11h06 Friday
31, August
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  1. George Gladwin Matsheke

    he he he .... " I thought love was all we needed, naive me."

  2. Khumbelo

    there are very few people who would agree to your word..."...love was all we needed" since there are very few people who actually enjoy what they do for a living. what i'm trying to say is that most people do it (what they do) for the Money than for the Love.

    it's like we are forced to do what we do...but no...ok look at it this way, if lets say Soli (as a Pro-grapher) comes to 75 and post a couples of Dope fotograph...there's a very good chance of him getting some business from people who seen his fotos/talent on 75...

    i think they (Pro-graphers) can get some good/positive recognition here...

  3. noidSyStems

    Yeh man ... I told him about 75 long time ago ... He choose to forget ... and still I dnt think he has even visited the site yet ... SoloMan_wa_Othello Crew ... If he doesnt watch he may have de same xpression after 75 realy blows up ...

    But I knw he is keen . . . Plus he got tongs of photos, that weekend we shot like ova 200 pics ... messing around ... but it was so cool as soon as I have 'em I'll upload some ...

    I think cats r wack in dat regard coz they can just post de xperimental stuff ... I guess they dont get it ...

    Check out Flo-etree ... in de background ... 70s kid


    yah some are like that, I give mine for free and still charge daily rates for clients.

  4. NguJaz

    Those of Funk -- LeBibi and I wuz just talking bout people of Funk. The legendary Angela Davis was at Wits yesterday at a talk about the abolishment of prisons. As you can imagine, there were many people of Funk there. People like noid's Flo-etree. Tuff act to upkeep.

  5. noidSyStems

    Wat Abolishment of prisons? ... Na 4sure ...

    Obviously there will be a subtitute ... But I'm 4 it ... I've had my share of xperience in a prison ... even thu was in a holding cell ... 4 graphing someones wall ...

    Tell you wat it is not cool being caged ...

    Actually de second time I was still in Nemisa ... Didnt pitch 2 school 4 like a week n half trying to recover ... Danm!


  6. lebogang nkoane

    Funk? Like Common said it? or like 70's?

    I'd would liked to hear Angela Davis speak, very smart woman,,,

    Alas, I am not going to pressure somebody to engage in 75, no need for that, 'love is never forced.'


  7. NguJaz

    Funk -- as in -- if you walk into a bathroom motho a fetsa go nna fatse; then you go, "it sho smell funky in here"

  8. lebogang nkoane

    Ah, like Common said.


  9. sizzla_slang the kingrat

    Is dat wot is like?
    Angela Davis comes to town and you can't tell a kaffir?
    Is she still gonna talk again?

  10. rudzani

    Hey hey, some of us are from the Bundus. We kinda talk normal iif you don't mind. I mean what language are you gusy talking. I have only managed to figure out that dope was good. Now funk??!

  11. lebogang nkoane


    edit: http://www.urbandictionary.com/

  12. noidSyStems

    If we relating it to the music side of thingis its called FONK! ....
    fOnk with an O ... get it ...
    De fashion week is happening I'm gong post something from Strange lov word ... "hopefully ...."

  13. mokete*

    sol sho!

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