09h09 Monday
28, November
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  1. NguJaz

    nice movement

  2. seilatsatsi

    what does the tat say lebo?

  3. Lebo Shmoove

    @Ngujaz thanks

    @Seilatsatsi It's one of my favorite bible scripture - Proverbs 3 verse 1-10. It's still not done yet, hopefully i can gather courage to go back in and do the other side of my torso, felt like i was giving

  4. seilatsatsi

    how many verses of the 10 do u still have to do?

  5. Lebo Shmoove

    I have from 1 - 4, not sure if you can read it proper but the last line read "Then you will win favor and a good name in the sight of God and man."

  6. seilatsatsi

    ouch, better u than me

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