While It's Still Fresh

While It's Still Fresh


I could tell a lot of stories about this photograph, but I'm going to stick to just 2.

The 1st is memories, to me photography is more documenting than an art form. You capture events and more importantly memories, whether good or bad, and the internet is a folder where you store those memories, a few years ago my boy SPL1773R said to me "Thing I love most about the internet is that 20 years after I'm gone, there will still be a trace of me... SPL1773R was here".

This was a very important day for me, I was shit scared and yet I was very happy... So I document this day, coz I never want to forget it. Memories fade, people forget, but what we created I will never forget because ke #Gauta, Gold is a treasure, so let me preserve it  WHILE IT'S STILL FRESH...


The Sideline Story

This was taken on the N1 North about 15Km outside Naboomspruit, the last town before my hometown Mokopane. For a couple of years I have had a longing to relocate back home, there was 1 thing keeping me here, I don't have it anymore, so I want to go home. I don't think I belong here and besides there is a promise of some kind of wonderful back home...

08h49 Tuesday
21, February
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  1. Kunta Kinte

    switch BG...

  2. Lebo Shmoove

    What was that one thing keeping you, if you don't mind sharing?

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