I was only there to take pichars. I gots my own worries right now,,, Exhibition is tomorrow!!

22h46 Wednesday
21, May
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  1. lebogang nkoane

    Can I piss a couple of people off? Can I? Can I?

    Alright, thank you.

    Are we (South Africans) going to march against poverty, lack of education, illiteracy, unemployment, inadequate delivery of services (health, safety, roads, water, electricity), costs of food, lack of housing? Are we going join when our teachers, sanitation, mine, police, emergency services workers are still being underpaid,,,

    Yeah, sure, it make us look bad, when we attack our guests, but it's okay if our house is a mess, I suppose its that clichéd SeTswana phrase: Batho ba tlo reng?

    *turns the other cheek.

  2. rudzani

    Lebogang, I am afraid we are having to match against xenophobia precisely because we did not match against the other things as we should have. But we have to start now and break the chain. We have a great chance of becoming a real democracy. Why? Because of Niemöller's words:

    When the Nazis came for the communists,
    I remained silent;
    I was not a communist.

    When they locked up the social democrats,
    I remained silent;
    I was not a social democrat.

    When they came for the trade unionists,
    I did not speak out;
    I was not a trade unionist.

    When they came for the Jews,
    I remained silent;
    I wasn't a Jew.

    When they came for me,
    there was no one left to speak out


    For some reason, I've just pictured Lebogang being really camp when he wrote that, I don't know why :p

    Kotn, where is the exhibition?

    nina sum1

    i got this sms last night (use the info/ dont use it):

    "Sat, 24 May,
    Marks Park, Empire Rd, (near hillbrow)
    gather 9am
    - bring banners, placards, friends etc...
    it has to be big Plz frwd!"



    damn, miss it by a day, will be up ion jhb on sunday.

  3. Ovidius Nkoane

    @Daniel, it's at school (WSOA).

    Err, Nina Sum1 are you gonna be there? you know?,,, near hillbrow?

  4. Ovidius Nkoane

    Oh I forgot to mension,,, all the lecturers that were protesting as well were wearing their pura-pura's (graduation gowns).

    *le nna ke ea e batla...

    blak unicorn

    There are 2 marches, the one nina is talking about which is soooo in Melville and the other is deep in it...Library Gardens, Jozi...choose one

  5. Stefanie Jason

    ^^ ^
    @ Kotn & Blak! i was just conveying the SMS (guess its mellville)
    @ Kotn...LOL @ the hillbrow Q! but (honestly) i might be there
    its now a toss up btwn protesting and 'getting up'

    blak unicorn

    lets go get our march on!!

  6. lebogang nkoane

    I will not go join the march --- the values/message it carries, is sound, but not complete (from my stand point).

    But, Ru I hear you --- the idea is to start now, to carry the momentum forward, I doubt Xenophobia (as defined right now) is going to open dialogue onto looking 'at the mess our house is in'.

    Till that day, then I will speak out --- speaking out against xenophobia is not fight a I'm willing to engage in --- I have other battles I think I can put best weaponry against.

    By the by: I hate being coerced into action, naturally I will reject any such notion, I'd like to think I still have the choice to chose what to protest against -- call me a nationalist if you will, but I will not put another (or other) nations needs before my own.

    Till that day, the youth/public decides to go protest: Floor crossing, count me out.

  7. seilatsatsi

    @ kotn - "le nna ke ea e batla... " lol

    *starts humming the seana marena song*

  8. lebogang nkoane

    seilatsatsi --- I had one, for graduation, but it was hired.

    "le nna ke a e batal, pura pura, mara ke tshaba dithuto" (f7 all of that).

    *sways left, right, steps.

  9. æ

    other nations previously put South Africa's needs before theirs, especially on the continent.

    I guess then the problem of the fragmented nationalism(s) will continue... everyone seems to be a nationalist, but across racial, political, ethnic and linguistic lines.

    a lot of South Africans carry themselves as if South Africa is not of the continent and that is just pathetic really.

    This country needs education

  10. lebogang nkoane

    "other nations previously put South Africa's needs before theirs, especially on the continent." -- that is not entirely true.

    They provided a 'locality' of activity --- but that was it --- the rest the ANC had to do on it's own --- from food, education, shelter, infrastructure --- they helped yes, but lets not pretend they 'gave everything' to support. (and it wasn't South Africa's needs, but the needs of those who 'went into exile').

    As matter of fact every 'place' they provided was called/labelled a camp, not a settlement, not a city, not a town, not a farm, but a camp.

    In fact, since when does one have to return a favour, by force, a favour by definition is something you do out of your way, out of your own goodwill, and when you can.

    So, did you know South African has one of the most liberal immigration laws? This notion of demanding South Africa to provide, to allow, to grant, I think perpertuates the very same thing you call "as if South Africa is not of the continent" ---

    Look, all I is saying, you can't demand South Africa to 'provide' for you and when it fails (through policy or 'a few criminal minded acts') you get angry and throw shout: South Africa failed you (is not your native country that failed you in the first place?) --- can't have it all --- especially what you demand from South Africa is the same thing South African can't provide for its people, in the greater scheme of things, it would be dope if we had no borders, no nationalities to worry 'bout, but we do, becasue 'resources are scarces'.

    But, I do sound like a nationalist, huh? ;-)

    *you not refering to 'ante elias' --- but the Foreign National.

  11. KeKe

    Lebo,I feel what you saying.We need to get our house in order.Service delivery needs to improve before we even try helping our neighbours.How do you give a street kid some food while you dnt have any.How many families have been sleeping without food and nobody cared about organising food parcels to give them??But I guess you cant kick an already dead dog,so I support giving the those peeps who were chased out of their houses.

    I just wish it doesnt stop with them.I wish it continues to our struggling South Africans.I wish those South Africans families with no blankets this winter also get some blankets.

    Xenophobian attacks were just a tip of an ice berg of many problems we facing in SA.Peeps who did that were tired of Government officials who are not doing enough to improve service delivery.The middle class who are over look our South Africans because they are deemed "LAZY".The shop owners who wanted to make more profit with cheap labour.The government officials who sells ID's to illegal imigrants.The border control who are corrucpt.

    Lets get our house in order before we even try to help other countries.Lets make refugee camps for those who want flee their country.Lets get rid of corrupt government officials.Lets all work together in helping the needy like we helping those are wounded from the attacks.

    Ma Afrika Borwa,nobody deserves to be killed for our own problems...

  12. Khumbelo


  13. æ

    (these attacks have been indiscriminate to the point that even South Africans have been victims.)

    The majority of those who went into exile did so as a result of conditions in South Africa and as part of the struggle against apartheid in South Africa --- so the distinction between their needs and South Africa's needs seems odd.

    Granted, immigration laws are liberal but what about the climate within which SA permits immigrants to step into? So what's the point of the liberal immigration laws if even the arm of the law is is easily broken?

    For many an immigrant SA's (reciprocally) merely a locality for activity, hence we see among them a lot of thrifty people willing to take up every opportunity on offer.

    Unfortunately some people cannot stand to see their fellow man making progress. Even foreign nationals who are here legally and are contributing (positively) to the economy are subject to derision and attacks.

    There are all these complaints in SA about schools, quality of education and educators, unemployment, inadequate social welfare etc ad nauseam. Some of the foreign nationals offer the opportunities to address some of these concerns. Whether through well-educated teachers, entrepreneurial people who can provide employment.

    Yes let's look at the broader issues and address them but let us not pass the buck and lay blame where it is not due.

    Suppose this insipid ploy worked to drive all (african) foreign nationals out of SA... what then??? Will SA have found the elusive rainbow nation that it so desperately seeks?

    *also not directed at any one particular person

  14. lebogang nkoane

    maybe we could find that rainbow nation, maybe --- for the record I don't subscribe to the metaphor.

    "lay blame where it's not due?" care to explain that? (I'd hate to make an assumption).

  15. æ

    That's how I view the attacks/ violence I guess; that many people are laying the blame for their situation(s) on foreigners

    "...they take our job and our womans..." (sic)

    (compounded by a lack of education and many other factors)

  16. lebogang nkoane

    LOL!: they take our womans (it's true though, not a excuse for violence though).

    *LOL!, LOL!

    nina sum1

    "LOL!: they take our womans (it's true though, not a excuse for violence though)."

    why do people assume this, when it's South African women, who are on these men like _____ (fill in the blank)

  17. seilatsatsi

    my bro just called me to cancel our trip to mocambique next month because he fears for our safety. this whole situation is f*ed up.

    these people dont realise that most of these foreigners have military training and when they do retaliate it will hectic.

  18. æ

    military training? how'd you come to that seilatsatsi?

  19. seilatsatsi

    because most of their countries hav a strong military presence like mozambique, angola, tanzania and zambia.

    check out this link:

  20. noidSyStems

    War it is!

  21. æ

    military presence?!?!?!!!

    *calms down. maybe it's just semantics...

    fewer than 5000 asylum seekers in SA?!?!?!?

    *deep breaths...

  22. seilatsatsi

    "fewer than 5000 asylum seekers in SA?!?!?!?"

    my thots exactly, even if that info was compiled some yrs back even then there were millions here.

  23. NguJaz

    why do our womens -- they want to be stole?!

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