Selling Out

Selling Out

...nothing personal.

09h44 Tuesday
17, July
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  1. caprisel


  2. King-K


  3. Liezle Lynch

    Are these man feet?

  4. King-K

    no she is a woman.

  5. Liezle Lynch

    YOH o_o

  6. King-K

    hehehehehehehe...bails off chair

  7. Kunta Kinte

    hahahahaha King... y'all take it easy, its just a bit of sand mos...

  8. Liezle Lynch

    Ja no i'm just fuxing with ya lol!

  9. King-K

    hehehehe, It's just funny, I never thought her feet look like male feet...but yes, "it's just sand mos..."

  10. Liezle Lynch


  11. Kunta Kinte

    hahahaha imagine a man with nail-polish...

  12. King-K

    you find a lot of those, it's called guys with bored girlfriends, they always end up with nail polished nails...

  13. Liezle Lynch

    Lmao i do it to Karabo alot!!Pink is his favorite color :-)

  14. Kunta Kinte

    Waaaaakakakakakakakaka Liezle Karabo is a special kind of man, I won't be surprised...

  15. King-K

    You seems to be a boyfriend standard.

  16. caprisel


  17. Liezle Lynch


  18. Khumbelo

    @Liezle LMBFAOROFL!

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