1000th (A picture is worth a thousand words)

1000th (A picture is worth a thousand words)

…if this really is true, then here's to a thousand stories told and a thousand more still to come.

i would like to thank y'all for the love you have shown to my work and ofcouse, a special thanks to the man behind the code that keeps this site running; lebogang nkoane.


22h23 Friday
04, January
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  1. yizzi25

    congratulations mate

  2. Karabo_Ngoatle

    Bow, Khum to tha, Belo to tha thousand picture uploader ( it's lame I know *hides )

    Here is to a thousand more tales :)

  3. Lebogang Ditibane

    and many more to come...

  4. Bafana


  5. sfiso


  6. Kunta Kinte

    Oh yeah!

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