22h44 Tuesday
13, March
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  • Canon EOS 450D
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  1. Kunta Kinte

    as Lwazi used to say... You warm my heart... Nice work dude, really really brilliant (bow) 'tizzle

  2. Lebo Shmoove


    Hey i can see myself waaaaayyy down there, now i'm famous lol

  3. Sthe Ngcobo

    @ Lebo....I tooooooooold you you ARE SHORT....I need a magnifying glass to spot you!!!

    @Khumbelo, dope take!

  4. Siz RockSteady

    Yeses! You don't play around, do you? Awesome shot

  5. NguJaz


  6. paralyzer

    Beautiful indeed

  7. Thato Sehlabela

    One word, COMPOSITION!


  8. Sibusiso



    Wow! So amazing.
    Well done Khumbs

  9. Khumbelo

    thanks for the love y'all.

    lol @Sthe

  10. Thato Koketso Mohuba

    for the decades.... gaa dammit....

  11. Jeff Rikhotso

    this place has been photographed too many times, this is the first i see, that it looks this fucken ohsum.

  12. King-K

    OH, FUCK YE!!!

  13. sfiso


  14. Liezle Lynch


  15. Native Soul

    MASSIV ---if and when i come south agin, pls take me to this space ---its screaming Performance*


    very dope*

  16. twiggle stix

    too incredible

  17. twiggle stix

    too incredible

  18. æ

    absolutely gobsmacking!

  19. Sheri_G

    LOVE this.... This building holds some mystery around it to me personally, had a very weird dream that I was inside there being chased inside there.... The really weird part about it is that I had never seen the building before in my life, when I did see it I was like WTF the building exists! Maybe it was a premonition or something, have always wanted to photograph it but never have... Not sure how to access it. Great capture, it has the same feel as in my dream.

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