Light trail #5

Light trail #5

…the end.

00h25 Wednesday
29, February
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  • Canon EOS 450D
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  1. Diaan

    Nice! How long was your exposure... seems quite long by the trails... 20 minutes?

  2. Khumbelo

    34min long, I been trying to get better results but it's proving to be time consuming and damn it drains the battery too.

  3. Lebo Shmoove

    Dope. Finally got it huh

  4. Kunta Kinte

    ag dude im done saying you killing it....

  5. caprisel


  6. sfiso

    AWESOME! been too lazy to try get this shot. I dont know if I have the patience though! super stuff!

  7. Fluxd

    SICKEST!!!! LIGHTS!!!!

  8. Jeff Rikhotso

    Da fuck?

  9. Liezle Lynch

    WOW!!Teach me, pwease!!!I'll do anything!Well not anything, you know what i mean.Come get me when you get up to these kinda shoots PLEASE Khumbels!!!

  10. NguJaz

    it's like you're about to enter a vortex

  11. Mpumelelo

    Nice!!!! I'm with Sifiso, I've been lazy to try this out too.

  12. twiggle stix


  13. Siz RockSteady

    An eco friendly garden in space...

  14. Nappy Head

    this is insane! How did you take this shot?

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