bolton hall

bolton hall i was on my way to the garage a couple of hours ago when i decided... wait, i haven't picked up the camera in a while. the rest you'll see for yourself.

22h26 Wednesday
19, January
  • love 01
  • switch zoom in/out
  • Canon EOS 450D
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  1. Diaan

    Interesting angle, makes it feel like the building is falling.

  2. Sudijons

    I 2nd Diaan

  3. Tom Stewart

    I like the angle

  4. sfiso

    So you walked to the garage with your Tripod? Lol! dope take mate!

  5. Kunta Kinte


  6. Jeff Rikhotso


  7. Khumbelo

    @sfiso yep i got a mini tripod though, easier to walk around with :)

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