when you are who you are...

when you are who you are...

hello, been a minute...

21h14 Thursday
07, October
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  • Canon EOS 450D
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  1. Mpumelelo

    YES!!! Its been a while man.
    Welcome back..


  2. Diaan

    Lovely shot. Candid FTW!

  3. The Graduate

    beautiful moment

  4. Daz

    Great shot ... could maybe have been cropped a little tighter (hat and head bottom left distract a little) ... but I dig the shallow DoF, grain ... and the candid style.

  5. Kamogelo Mogashoa

    I like! Lovely detail :)

  6. Sam Buk

    that hat...robin hood. stunning.

  7. Jeff Rikhotso


  8. Nappy Head

    I'm disappointed that you didn't capture his eyes or facial expressions though. seems like the energy is going elsewhere. I think that a shot that doesn't directly connect you to the subject would probably need a bit more context. right now it doesn't boom. Well, this is just my opinion and who am i in the greater scheme of things. maybe I'll feel differently tomorrow.

  9. Palapala

    A nice B&W

  10. NguJaz

    ...you can't help yourself

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