cat on a chair...

cat on a chair...


22h21 Wednesday
19, May
  • love 06
  • switch zoom in/out
  • Canon EOS 450D
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  1. caprisel

    love these_b & w does so much justice to the images of this cat. :)

  2. NguJaz

    loving this

  3. Mduduzi

    Love the way they stretch themselves, really cute,
    im sure that cock at the back was giving it a run for its money.

  4. GLUcose D


  5. twiggle stix

    Perfect, that how i sleep!

  6. yizzi25

    Boom!!! (chakalaka)
    i like!

  7. Ovidius Nkoane

    Prrr! Is that a cock in the background?

  8. Erika Mendes

    makes me feel lazy! nice photo.

  9. Makhaya

    technique! the texture and contents blow my mind. everything, everything, everything perfect. frame this for life.

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