rainy-night-light #2

rainy-night-light #2


13h55 Thursday
25, March
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  1. Sam Buk

    striking, nice

  2. lebogang nkoane

    for a moment there I thought it was long street, kaap town.

    *but then again: this has influenced my perception: http://75.co.za/alex/2009/02/20

  3. Greer

    i love this. beautiful.

  4. Palapala


  5. Juxtapose

    this could be still shot from an Almodovar flick. love it

  6. rudzani

    The word "Kaleidoscopic" comes to mind...

  7. yizzi25

    looks like i missed out a lot yesterday...
    superb man!

  8. Makhaya

    khumbelo...you've made my day indeed. i grew up opposite that bright corner. used to be a shop there called magnum that was open 24hours. they didnt have a door. lol. used to get sent all the time there and always fought the homeless kids who would sometimes chase me home.

    i also remember a woman trying to throw herself out the balcony of one the apartments in cumberland court. thankfully, someone talked her out of it. i was 15yrs old and watched her hang from this building in this pic for hours threatening to end her life...that day certainly changed mine.

    i saw more car accidents than i can remember on that intersection...number 4 police station is right there too. wow.

    havent seen this corner in so long. not only is this pic super ill...youve taken me back home. many, many thanks.

  9. Khumbelo

    :) glad i brought back some o your memories.
    thanks for the love.


  10. MothMan


  11. æ

    out of the ordinary!

    @ makhaya: you remind me of those "take me home" taxi stickers.


  12. urbanmosadi

    My word...

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