16h31 Tuesday
16, March
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  • Canon EOS 450D
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  1. GLUcose D

    iLike this Consol Brand..It can work out nicely for print Ad..

  2. ntsasa

    reminds me of canning and preserving peaches in the summer with mom, in consol bottles.

  3. rudzani

    The shallow depth of field (which by the way is contrary to your Nokia one) has worked quite well here. Good shot!

  4. seilatsatsi

    @ntsasa - i have the same memories. remember how we would put the bottle in boiling water and give it a few tabs on the lid and open it.
    dope pic!!

  5. Mduduzi

    Its like this great white wine glass photograph i saw on this guy's site,
    The glass area was in focus and the ext was out of focus.

  6. onelove

    wow, can almost feel the glass

  7. George Gladwin Matsheke

    Love this ...

  8. Makhaya

    what brilliance. unbelievable.

  9. caprisel

    brilliance indeed

  10. urbanmosadi


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