Light of night #03

Light of night #03


11h48 Thursday
28, January
  • love 09
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  • Canon EOS 450D
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  1. tebogo motea

    Mad Dope.

  2. MothMan


  3. lebogang nkoane

    :) @ bokeh

  4. Palapala

    I like

  5. onelove

    Wow this is so well taken i can almost get that dirty cigarette ash taste/smell. I don't like cigarettes but I can't help appreciating the beautiful/stylish way you captured this. Also love those lights and the reflection on the gold...

  6. NguJaz

    sure thing. gets my sense of "smell" going

  7. Sukum'ukhanye

    I like it

  8. Uno

    There's something human about these buds, the way the gold rimmed one leans on top of the other, it almost looks like they were posing (reminds me of those social events articles on magazines)... great image.

  9. Nappy Head

    Inside yo lungs.

  10. cazpix

    awesome shot - says a lot

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