it's my birthday

it's my birthday

...yesterday i turned one.

15h58 Monday
25, January
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  1. Sthe Ngcobo

    Ok....that's it......I want a child too......!

  2. tebogo motea


  3. Uno

    Yo, those eyes... beautiful!

  4. Stefanie Jason

    this is just heartwarming....*heartmelting infact!

  5. Palapala

    A great portrait whit beautiful kid.

  6. MothMan

    happy birthday young padawan

  7. George Gladwin Matsheke

    Happiieeee ... the eyes ... the eyes.

  8. Kunta Kinte

    @GGM the eyes... happy bd

  9. NguJaz

    can't believe this is the same little girl we saw soon after she was born -- time keeps on ticking ...

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