15h10 Friday
07, August
  • love 10
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  • Canon EOS 450D
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  1. lebogang nkoane

    bokeh,, and that nose detail.

  2. rudzani

    Captured there!!

  3. sweetoof

    really stunning. contrast, and composition is spot on. the rough nose, the blurred background. wow. great

  4. Makhaya

    my goodness...this is brilliant.

  5. Kunta Kinte


  6. Nokulunga Msomi

    so cooOOool!
    i like what i see

  7. Uno

    You either spend a lot of time on Gold Reef City or you were on fire this day.
    This image is so good... it's almost unreal...I better shut up now, let me look at it. (scrolls up, clicks the love icon, changes background to black and sighs deeply)

  8. Khumbelo

    @ UP, was the same day.


  9. twiggle stix


  10. onelove

    Whew! This is great.
    Can't stop looking...

  11. seilatsatsi

    love it!

  12. Chwama


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