spoon fed

spoon fed

...today we travell to the north, home sweet home...

happy Easter y'all!

09h59 Thursday
09, April
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  1. Kunta Kinte
    Meet you on the freeway boet... 1ove, Moriya!!!
  2. Stefanie Jason
    this is beautiful. i wana use these colours
  3. Sumire
    again, the colour is amazingly on point. i like. happy easter.
  4. nhlanhla*
    the simplicity is exquisite, your approach towards detail and elements of design is inspiring and rather iconic...

    peace be*
  5. æ
  6. rangoato hlasane
    2nd kool one*
    remarkable design indeed! safe travels badumele!
  7. lwazi hlophe
    thank you sir,thank you for the the picture , stunning.
  8. Daz
    Shape. Colour. Texture. Taste. Smell.

    Hot or cold?
  9. Bareng Rakuba
    Yes Yes Yes.
  10. NguJaz
    yummy in the tummy
  11. Makhaya
    khumbelo, you take my breath away.
  12. Mokokoma Mokhonoana
    beautiful shot. love them colours.
  13. twiggle stix
  14. Sukum'ukhanye
    Tshisa Khumbelo im speechless!
  15. Android Veliskas
    nice one!!

    looks like tar..yuk!!
  16. rangoato hlasane
  17. lebza

    Dude the coloures ARE TOO DOPE

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