12h33 Friday
13, March
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  1. twiggle stix
    Ah, this is an awesome shot!
  2. George Gladwin Matsheke
    me thinks that today 75 is in fire
  3. Stefanie Jason
    u are on point man...JHB skies are inspiring
  4. Fluxd
    damn dude that....eish man i am amazed.
  5. Nanometa
    Too dope...

  6. Kunta Kinte
  7. nhlanhla*
    george: ditto brother - it´s sizzling out here today, i thought yesterday was heated...but vaandag out the frying pan into the fire...
  8. noidSyStems
  9. caprisel
    DoPE SHOT indeed *click* on da love icon
  10. Nanometa
    man today is friday u got to upload something dope...

  11. Uno
    Is the N95 the camera phone from Nokia? Impressive quality...
    Do you work the photos in Photoshop?
  12. Khumbelo
    @ UP, yah it's a Nokia and Carl Zeiss thing, and yes i use LightRoom very similar to photoshop only better with photos.
  13. Dewdrop
    Yoh! Nice shot :)
    It has this confident kinda look to it. I like!!
  14. Eiddy-Fouw
    wooow that's a great shot...
  15. NguJaz
    the power of the material is so well presented
  16. Mario
    Wow interesting perspective. I like it.
  17. Sukum'ukhanye
    that is great!
  18. æ
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