rain drops

rain drops


10h50 Tuesday
10, March
  • love 06
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  • Canon PowerShot A470
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  1. NguJaz
    ... on roses and whiskers on kittens ...
  2. Uno
    Can't stop looking at this image.
    Thanks Khumbelo.
  3. Bareng Rakuba
    Yes Khumbs.
  4. caprisel
    makes me thirsty... Lol. Sick i love it
  5. Max Mogale
    Dood, I once went to an exhibition of a guy who had an entire series of pics on a similar vibe like this. But his weren't this dope. It was based on a winter in Cape Town in his car. He sold each pic from bout R3k to R10k.

    So...*ahem*... hint hint
  6. Khumbelo

    don't think i can pull off an exhibition by self, i'mma wait for 75th exhibition.

    *wonders if its gonna happen.

    Ta. Suavé
  7. Oh1one

    Heart it.

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