traffic'jam #02 (locust)

traffic'jam #02 (locust)


09h41 Tuesday
03, March
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  • Canon PowerShot A470
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  1. æ
  2. Morolong
    Amazing man!!
  3. Nokulunga Msomi
  4. Max Mogale
    The Macro King in full effizect! Take out your AK and spray em, cause you killin it mein!
  5. Stefanie Jason
    that locust is gross!! but i dig the shot
  6. nhlanhla*
    locust = crunchy!, she also lookin´ out at the traffic huh?...
  7. Bafana
    *notices that it no longer read N95.

    I am going to enjoy traffic Jam series.
  8. Nanometa
    1 of My favourate in your pics
  9. twiggle stix
    Wow, this is crazy!
    You on the next level son!
    75, is so blazing right now, all the graphers are blowing my mind, have i been gone that long!

    Big up Khumbelo!
  10. seilatsatsi
    lovn it
  11. Khumbelo
  12. Makhaya
    my goodness Khumbelo. youre a magician. no need to bow, we bow before you.
  13. ntsasa
  14. Bareng Rakuba
  15. lebogang nkoane

    that grasshopper lewks like it was 'asked to model'.

    that's way too focused for an insect.

  16. Khumbelo
    heh heh heh...

    surely you didn't think it was flying at first or did you?
  17. NguJaz
    insane coloring
  18. George Gladwin Matsheke
  19. Mario
    Awesome, looks like the locust is in full flight and you following it from behind.
  20. rangoato hlasane
    no ways! this is not possible. pure wizadry khumbelo!
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