1. Morolong
    Astonishing my bra, did you used a k850 to shoot?

  2. Khumbelo
    yep, i did...i've tried taking the same shot with a Nokia N95 but the k850 one came out better.
  3. Bareng Rakuba
    yes ya.
  4. Native Soul
    i like ur work --and in the new year we should talk about a colaberative exhibition here in the north ---in summer i would like to make an exhibition ---

    lets keep i touch
  5. Morolong
    Am I on the guest list for the exhibition?
    Dope shot, so the N95 has its limits.
  6. lwazi hlophe
    evrytime i see shots like this i feel like i live somewhere in space

    dope shot
  7. NguJaz
    this highway bend -- good times
  8. twiggle stix
    Killah shot!
    Nokia face of Photography!
  9. Khumbelo
    @ nativesoul, i digs the idea man.

  10. lebza
    I dig the shot and the idea of an exhibition!
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