13h00 Thursday
25, September
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  1. twiggle stix
    Man i've been tryin to shoot out there for ages, great shot Khumbelo!
    Ah you on point!
  2. Stefanie Jason
    on point indeed
  3. seilatsatsi
    there is sumn bout hospital passage ways that just gives me the creeps.
    dope pic tho
  4. loymad
    ^^^ true that

    Dope shot
  5. lebogang nkoane
    i never liked the 'smell' --- that anti-biotic smell --- in fact, i get sick after visiting a hospital, don't know way, but i suspect it's mind over matter.
  6. Khumbelo
    yeah i get the same thing...but this area was fresh there was no funny smell.
  7. NguJaz
    somethings scary about that endless passage way
  8. ntsasa
    feels like men in white coats are gonna come out and chase me!
    jaz,,, definitely scary!! looking at the pics gives me the shivers
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