for the LOVE™

for the LOVE™


11h40 Wednesday
27, August
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  1. Stefanie Jason
    this is perfect!
  2. lebogang nkoane
    Ke Summmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmma!

    *dancing on the chair, :(
  3. seilatsatsi
    don pull a brad pitt on us now LN, lol.

    khumbelo this is too dope. ke summer fo shuo
  4. Stefanie Jason
    did brad pitt do a tom cruise as well?
    arggghhh no!

  5. lebogang nkoane
    what did brad putt do?
  6. Nhlanhla Ndlovu
    Happy !!!
    Are people still doing the 'surprise-water-splashes-on-people-who've-just-come-back-from-work' ekasi?
  7. seilatsatsi
    oh my bad, i meant tom cruise

    @ LN- he jumped on the couch to show the world just how much he loves Katie. not his brightest of moments i must say.
  8. lebogang nkoane
    I'm dancing --- not jumping because I'm in love --- hommie don't play that --- hommie don't roll like that.

    "I'm just stoked" - Summer™ (Ohhh) Eight.
  9. Bafana
    Nhlanhla - in Tembisa we... yes I said we still do. Summertime!!!!!
  10. Bafana
    almost forgot - Dope image Khumbs!
  11. seilatsatsi
    @ LN- sowi
  12. Ovidius Nkoane
    A spirit captured,,,
    I like summer,,, people wear skimpy things.
  13. loymad
    You literally feel alive in summer... it's that time of year when you can't deny your connection with nature. oh to be a hippie
  14. Ovidius Nkoane
    lol @ loymad
  15. lebza
    I dig bra,very dope
  16. twiggle stix
    How do you do it?
    Dope eye you have Khumbelo!
  17. æ
    lovely... looks like plastic
  18. Joey
    gorgeous representation of the imminent summer - - LD - - ka nnete ke summer. e tla kwano ke otshware ka lerama!
  19. lebogang nkoane
    Who is this handsome LD, y'all speak off?

    ...LoL lebogang!!
    Lovely picture... just love the colour!!! :)
  20. Ovidius Nkoane
    in the office,,, LMAO at lebogang nkoane.

    co-conspirator, Caesar must die! Caesar must die!
  21. noidSyStems
    Tla kwano kego tsware ka marama ... ke summa!
  22. seilatsatsi
    ^^he thola tsa mo besa nama^^ lol
  23. NguJaz
    i see you still have these up your sleve. fantasy.
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