ready to go...

ready to go...

...all that work, it was sure worth waiting for. much love for Gamma, Lebogang. it's fresh.

12h56 Tuesday
05, August
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  1. lebogang nkoane

    it is weird in my eyes --- I see everything that didn't work and isn't working.

    I've been looking at this design for way too long, way too long,,,,

  2. Ovidius Nkoane

    I digz that sculpture. I just don't like the out-right metaphor... A cubist sculpture picking up a cube... That's just whack!

    funny enough I dig the shot, the comp, etc,,,

  3. Bafana

    "How do I say it?...

    whooo by ni e-Gamma yay!kho !!!"

    Too Fresh

  4. Stefanie Jason

    this is very cool

  5. yizzi25

    hmmm... 1st comment on new 75!
    it's fresh!
    i like!

  6. Ovidius Nkoane

    okay,,, my strike Gimmick™ embargo is over! It was fun whilst it lasted.

  7. seilatsatsi


  8. twiggle stix


  9. NguJaz

    i was thinking the same KOTN. such lack of thought. wonderful composition though khumbelo.
    i am curious what the rest of the sculpture looks like --

  10. Khumbelo

    maybe i should upload it tomoro...but there's nothing cut out really. it's just the other half of the cube.

  11. Sukum'ukhanye


  12. loymad

    Dope pic... and gamma is the ish

  13. Bareng Rakuba


  14. Di1

    tyt pic!

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