jo'burg city

jo'burg city


10h43 Tuesday
22, July
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  1. lebogang nkoane

    that be weird --- for a mo' it looked like a 'scanned' image from film.

    the top is hillbrow, no doubt --- the bottom, could any townhouse-complex (or 'the palony slices' as I call them) areas in the jhb.north.burbs()

  2. Stefanie Jason

    luving the reds!!!

  3. seilatsatsi

    ya joburg city is interesting from all angles. cant wait to see the finished version of the park close to here tho.

  4. twiggle stix

    Dope Composition!
    Fresh colours!!

  5. Bareng Rakuba


  6. ntsasa

    yo - the colours!

  7. Makhaya

    absolutely breathtaking. wow. i grew up on the other side of majestic towers and used to play and get up to mischief at the park behind these buildings (stealing the roses and getting chased by the men who tended the park). walking to and from home, i always wondered what they looked like inside. took me back man, now i know. and you made it even better than i thought.

  8. Di1

    love the colours!! tyt pic!

  9. NguJaz

    the layers are does have that scanned quality though.

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