11h55 Friday
16, May
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    nina sum1

    ashy! LOL
    dope pic
    is there a backstory?

    blak unicorn

    ashy=nivea..., those were my sentiments xactly!! haha:)

  1. seilatsatsi

    guys shud get over the perception that using lotion is feminine or metrosexual coz this is the result.

    but i guess the ashy hands gels well with the black n white, nice.

    nina sum1

    i think this look looks cool for the pic
    like he dipped his hand in egg white to get the cracked look!

    @ Seila
    thats cool! but the chapped lip look is the worst!!!!!!!! for both men & women

  2. twiggle stix

    ^^^^.LOL.Dope pic man, dig the depth!
    Knock out shot!

  3. seilatsatsi

    @ nina i forgot all bout that. OMG the chipped lip and then it starts bleeding when someone starts talking and then the teeth also become red. daaaaaamn

    not cool

  4. lebogang nkoane


    blak unicorn

    yuuuuuuuuuuccck! oh u are not serious!!

    nina sum1

    @ Seila: "and then the teeth also become red."
    I'm literally rolling on the floor LOL!

  5. æ

    you guys are spoiling the image

    tight snap khumbelo, would make quite an ad for skin lotion

  6. Khumbelo


    @ y'all...LOL.

  7. Khumbelo

    Errr...wen i uploaded this i actually wanted to tell y'all something/s about this dude, but i dont have the guts to. so harde. one thing though he stinks...big time.

    * :x ,wasn't me...

  8. lebogang nkoane

    amma tell him.

    i know him.

    *80% done --- virus scanner.

    blak unicorn

    haai, is he a homelss person?

  9. Khumbelo

    @ blak unicorn, Ee! how did you know...?

    *didn't say nothing...

  10. seilatsatsi

    ppl sorry if i spoiled the pic for yal with the lil bit bout blood.

    ka nnete ke maswabi.

  11. æ

    no man seilatsatsi, you took it too seriously

  12. seilatsatsi

    don worry ae, i din.

  13. Stefanie Jason

    " but i dont have the guts to. so harde. one thing though he stinks...big time.

    * :x ,wasn't me... "

    does that explain the ashiness?

  14. Khumbelo

    damn, i forgot to mention that this dude is also a genius...he can strip anything and put it back together, be it a car engine, mobile phone, anything really...

    but still...LOL

  15. seilatsatsi

    you cant have it all, lol

  16. Khumbelo



  17. NguJaz

    he couldn't add to his repetoir of car stripping a moment for lotion?

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